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Sorry for not having the complete website in English, but as it primarily serves as a blog for my canyoning activities, and as a site trying to promote awareness of canyoning in Denmark, I an preatty sure google can come up with better alternatives for you naitive english speakers looking for info on canyoning.

However you might still enjoy some of pages, as they contain videos in English showcasing canyons in Italy and Scotland (so far, more will follow). You find the videos at the end of each blogpost marked with: “Canyon: “, or you can find the here: Canyoning on Youtube

You can also use the map showing more than 150 Italian canyons, and linking to an english description: Map of italian canyons

Feel free to send me a mail if you have any questions, want to promote your canyoning business or have anything else on your mind.

Send me a mail

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